Sunday, April 30, 2017

May 2017 Schedule

It is time to bring forth the word of God from inside of you. Jesus is calling his sons to come forth and manifest themselves to the world. Let your world be full of his light and glory so that others may come to him and worship him in spirit and in truth. Below you will find the times of gathering together to worship the Lord and to hear what the Spirit is saying.

May 3-7, Fred and Sherry ministering in Savannah, Georgia, with Daniel and Kimberly Santana

May 11-15, Fred and Sherry in Texas

May 14, Sunday, MOTHER’S DAY
Praise the Lord for godly mothers.

May 17, Wednesday, Breakfast ministry at Cracker Barrel at 9 am

May 17, Wednesday, Jail Ministry with Cindy and Elaine

May 18, Thursday, Bible Study in Winder, at Frank and Janice Yaptengco’s home, beginning at 7 pm

May 23, Tuesday, Bible Study at Fred and Sherry’s home, beginning at 7 pm

May 29-June 5, Rebecca Wheeler ministering in Ecuador

Thursday, March 30, 2017

April 2017 Schedule

Fred and Sherry White with
Doug and Rita Roberts
This is the season to honor our Lord Jesus Christ and to acknowledge what he did on the cross to save, heal and deliver us. As we walk in the light of what he did, we will have fellowship with him and with other believers. Here are times of gathering together in April to worship and adore him and fellowship with other believers.

April 8, Saturday, Prophetic Ministry by Doug and Rita Roberts with BBQ, Train Depot Meeting Room, Toccoa, GA 30577 from 5-8 pm

April 9, Sunday, Fish Fry and Prophetic Ministry with Doug and Rita Roberts at Hugh and Janie Wilson’s home, 1261 Farmington Road, Madison, GA 30650 from 4-7 pm

April 16, Sunday, EASTER CELEBRATION with lunch, Sandy Creek Park, Athens, GA, Shelter #1 by the lake beginning at 10 am

April 20, Thursday, Bible Study in Winder at Frank and Janice Yaptengco’s home from 7-9 pm

April 20-24, Ministry in Mexico by Fred and Sherry; please pray.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Find Your Sound

The world was created with sound¾the sound of words spoken by the Lord. The sounds of the Lord are still in harmony with his creation. “His voice was like the sound of many waters; and the earth shone with his glory” (Ezekiel 43:2). The sound of the world’s music is harsh and contrary to creation. Regrettably, the sound of the world’s music has crept into the churches. There it stirs emotions without touching the spirit of man. What sound do you hear? Are you hearing the sound of heaven or the sound of the world? This post contrasts a gentle, harmonious sound (A=432 Hz) with the harsh, worldly sound (A=440 Hz).

Introduction to Sound

Sound is carried by energy moving forward and in an up and down motion like the vibration of a guitar string. Frequency is the number of up and down motions per second. Through the 1930's each nation determined its own standard frequency. Immediately before World War II, the Germans hosted an international conference to establish a worldwide standard on the frequency to tune instruments. The standard proposed by the Germans and adopted by the international conference was to tune instruments on a frequency of A=440 Hz. The Germans preferred this frequency, because it is a marching tone. It is a harsh tone that stirs people up emotionally.

Virtually all music is tuned at A=440 Hz. Songs on mass media, including radio, television and movies are generally recorded and played at A=440 Hz. Both Blues Rock and Metallic Rock developed and became widely popular in the 1960's and 1970's, as an early mark of the international standard. Lyrics in these genres are expressive, explicit and emotional. This music influenced daily life, fashion, attitudes and language. Some prefer this type of music and think its influence is positive, but many others disagree. Every form of contemporary music is played at this international standard. Most people prefer music in one genre or another, without ever realizing that the frequency is the same across all genres. Selecting among genres with only one frequency keeps people inside the box, but the true out-of-the-box issue relates to choosing the appropriate frequency. Consider which frequency is best for you.

Comparison of Two Frequencies

There is widespread interest in several frequencies other than the international standard, especially A=432 Hz. Some instruments from ancient times and from diverse primitive cultures were tuned at A=432 Hz. There are several experiments on frequencies available on YouTube. An interesting experiment shows how salt on a metal plate is impacted by different tones. The tone A=432 Hz creates beautiful patterns with the salt. These patterns begin to deteriorate when the tone A=440 Hz is sounded for only a few seconds. The impact of 440 Hz is chaotic, but the impact of 432 Hz is orderly.

John Stuart Reid showed the shape created by 432 Hz with cymatics. Cymatics is the science of making sound visible by vibrating water or other types of particles. The visualization of 432 Hz is the same as the shape in the center of a tri Vescia Pisces, as shown in the diagram below. This visualization is explained in relationship to fundamental geometric shapes, which are embraced by mathematics, culture and religion.
1. Vescia Pisces is a fundamental shape used to define the mathematical term pi and many other shapes such as the Star of David and the seal of Solomon. This shape symbolizes heaven's invasion of earth and creation of light.
2. Tri Vescia Pisces adds a third circle to the Vescia Pisces and symbolizes the trinity of the godhead.
3. The 432 Hz sound is visualized in cymatics as being the same as the area overlapped by all three circles in the tri Vescia Pisces, indicating a harmonious sound in all repects.


Impact of Different Frequencies on Health

The results of a small scientific study show improvements in health from listening to 432 Hz music for about an hour and a half each day for seven days. The study found improvements in several areas of health, including inflammatory and stress levels.

On a personal note, I began listening to 432 Hz worship music for an hour and a half each day. Within seven days, all pain in my joints was gone. I had suffered from inflammation and pain in my wrists, hands and knees for several years. My blood pressure had been high for over a year, but within seven days of listening to the 432 Hz worship music, my blood pressure became normal. I have also experienced other improvements in my health, including improved sleep patterns. Now, I am able to sleep deeply all night. I continue to listen to the 432 Hz worship music, and I continue to be pain free have normal blood pressure.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Revival Fires in Mexico 2016

God is pouring out his Spirit and fire in Mexico. As we went from place to place, people were saved, delivered and healed. Many received miracles. God touched a tiny baby’s lungs and gave him breath. God loves the people of Mexico and so do we. Revival was ignited as the fire of God fell. Over 100 people were saved. Praise the Lord for his love, mercy and healing power.

Sherry and I were in Mexico from July 11-18, 2016. We want to thank Juan Jose Salazan and Adriana Quiroz for hosting us in Mexico City and Eduardo Ortiz and Geny Castilla for hosting us in the state of Veracruz, including Perote and Xalapa. It was a great time in the Lord!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

2016 Prayer Requests for Fred and Sherry White

Prayer is the backbone for everything done in God’s kingdom. Without prayer even the best planned ministry activities would fail. There are several areas of ministry in which we need prayer for the coming year.

Students and Instructors in Ministry School
International Intensive School of Ministry: One area for prayer is the ministry schools in which we equip and train foreign ministers to send them to the nations. All of the students are called of God for ministry, and some of them are already in full-time ministry. There will be several of these schools in 2016. The first one in which we will be teaching is planned in Oaxaca, Mexico near the seaport of Veracruz in March. Pray that the kingdom be established in the hearts of the students and revival fires for the nations be ignited. Pray that the students carry the revival fires to the nations.

Sherry Ministering in Honduras
Ministry in Honduras Conference and Churches: Other ministry will in Honduras, Central America. We have been asked to come and minister at a women’s conference and at different churches in Roatán and La Ceiba in April. We have been ministering in Honduras for over 20 years, and our relationships with these people are precious to us. Pray for revival, healing and miracles.

Prisoners in Bible Study
Jails and Prisons: We would also like prayer for our ministries in jails and prisons. We minister regularly in jails and prisons in northeast Georgia. Pray that the gospel of the kingdom will go forth as revival fires and as a beacon of hope, salvation and deliverance in these institutions. Pray also that these revival fires will be carried by the inmates as they are freed and return to their communities.

In addition to these activities listed above, we minister to individuals, families and groups in Georgia and other states. Prayer support is absolutely necessary and greatly appreciated.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tulum Mexico on Mayan Riviera

Tulum Mexico on Mayan Riviera
El Castillo at Tulum, Mexico
Tulum is the archaeological site of a major Mayan port on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. It was located on both land and sea trade routes. An important product traded was obsidian, which is a glass-like substance made from volcanic lava. This product was used in making blades for work and war, as well as for art. The community was a place of commerce and worship with temples, administrative buildings and residences. A wall surrounded the community to separate the elites from the workers, and a second wall surrounded the temples to separate the priests from the elites. The walls still exist, and many of the stone buildings stand in various stages of disrepair. The archaeological site is readily accessible to visitors, and it is a popular destination for tourists.

The population of the community reached its peak between the 13th and 15th centuries. The maximum population was between 1000 and 1500. The community continued to exist through the Spanish conquest of Mexico. However, diseases from the Old World eventually led to the demise of the community.

US News Travel calls Tulum the #1 beach in Mexico. It has not been developed like other nearby beaches. Instead, bungalows are prevalent on the beach. The beaches are never over-crowded.

Tulum is located 80 miles south of Cancun on highway 307. Sherry and I visited the site while traveling on a ministry trip from Playa del Carmen to Chetumal. The combination of a major archaeological site and beautiful beaches make Tulum one of Mexico’s true jewels.

Tulum Mexico on Mayan Riviera

Tulum Mexico on Mayan Riviera

Tulum Mexico on Mayan Riviera

Tulum Mexico on Mayan Riviera

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Taos Pueblo: World Heritage Site

Taos Pueblo: World Heritage Site
Taos Pueblo: World Heritage Site
Taos Pueblo is a 1000-year-old community belonging to a Native American tribe of Pueblo people. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the United States. Electricity and running water are not available in the pueblo. A small stream, Red Willow Creek, flows through the pueblo. The stream comes from Blue Lake on the pueblo’s protected mountainous area. The pueblo is near the city of Taos, New Mexico.

The pueblo people were fearless and persistently fought for their right to maintain their culture and land. They successfully revolted against the Spaniards. They fought for over six decades in order for the U.S. Congress to return Blue Lake and land adjacent to the pueblo.

The pueblo is a World Heritage Site and a National Historic Site. It is an amazing community to visit.
Taos Pueblo
Red Willow Creek in Taos Pueblo