Monday, November 28, 2011

Redemption: Track Rock Gap

Many territories have been cursed by bloodshed, anger, witchcraft and evil rituals. God desires that these lands be redeemed. He provided redemption through the finished work of the cross. Jesus died and was resurrected to bring redemption from all curses. Believers can activate the blood covenant to redeem lands that have been cursed for many generations. These activities will bring blessings to the area.

God sent Fred and Sherry to a Prehistoric site where Native Americans carved images on boulders at Track Rock Gap near Blairsville, Georgia. These images were used in rituals more than a thousand years ago. The images depicted humans, animals and spirits. Rituals at the site invoked spiritual activities in the area. Such activities can create curses on the land that persist until they are broken off by believers applying the blood of Jesus. When these curses are broken, God's blessings can come upon that land and bring prosperity.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Bountiful Harvest for the Kingdom

A harvest gathering for Fountain of Life Ministries was held in the mountains of northeast Georgia on November 5, 2011. Separate meetings were held for adults and youth. The apostles and prophets separated out Matthew and Michelle Pritchett for the work of God. This meeting was a great day-long event. Many were blessed by the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Everyone brought their supply. Praise and worship were led by the Cannons, Victor Logan and Michelle Pritchett. Kathryn Fountain ministered to the children; Cindy Boatwright and Rebecca Wheeler ministered to the youth; and the Reems and Whites ministered to the adults.

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