Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The OUTPOURING Newsletter - Spring 2012

Fred and Sherry in their rose garden
“The blind receive sight and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them” (Matthew 11:5). Highlights of recent activities and plans for future events are described here for Fred and Sherry White’s Fountain of Life Ministries.

Upcoming Events

Empowerment for Women Program: Sherry is presenting a four-part series on empowering women in Washington, GA during April and May. This program is ordained of the Lord and designed to strengthen women in their journey to reach their destiny and purpose.

Ministry in Canary Islands: Fred and Sherry are scheduled to minister in the Canary Islands off of the coast of Africa from October 8-18, 2012. Your prayer and financial support for this trip will be critical.

Schedule of Activities: You can keep up with Fred and Sherry’s schedule on the web (http://fountain-gate-news.blogspot.com/2012/03/schedule_26.html).

Prophetic Word for this Season

His riders come thundering!
In the midst of trouble and turmoil I, the Lord, bring peace, and I bring stillness. Though war rages, the righteous will rule and the wicked will perish. For I am the light, says the Lord, and I bring an illumination and manifest the truth. Many are burdened down with their own agendas. They have no time for they say, “I must be here and I must be there“. They are doing things that do not matter in the eternal realm. I say evaluate and examine to see if you be in faith. For faith pleases me and will keep you going toward your goal. Faith will open up the doors. My word of faith is a hammer and a fire. It will cause those things that look like hindrances in the natural to disappear. Be patient, says the Lord, for my presence will destroy your enemies. Walk not as men but as gods. Your position on this earth is to rule and have dominion in every situation. Listen and you will hear my riders. They will come thundering and trample the pestilence and the evil in the land. Let my joy give you strength for the days to come when you see and when you hear the work of the enemy. Know this, says the Lord, that the Greater One resides in you.

Ministry Update

Highlights for a few of Fred and Sherry’s recent activities are reported below.

Mexico Outpouring: God poured out of his Spirit on the people of Mexico. Many were saved, healed and delivered. Blind eyes and deaf ears were opened, the lame walked, lumps were removed, and many were filled with the Spirit. The whirlwind of the Lord brought his power. Many were set free of witchcraft and demonic powers.

Representation of prison imates being
saved and baptised.
Prison and Jail Ministries: Fred and Sherry White, Cindy Boatwright and Elaine Rowden from Fountain of Life Ministries regularly minister in jails and prisons. Most of the men and women attending the jail services are seen only once, so salvation messages are generally presented in the jail services. Many men and women accept Jesus as Savior in these services. Also, many are delivered and healed. Men in the prison may attend services for several months, so several foundation topics are addressed in the prison. Many of these men have been delivered and healed.  One recent prison service was particularly remarkable, because several men were saved and baptized. Although we could not take a picture of the service, we wanted to share the moment with you. This photo captured part of what happened that night.

Prophetic Ministry: The State Botanical Gardens in Athens, GA offered a wonderful setting for men, women and children to come together in March to learn more about the Lord. Victor Logan and the Cannon Family led the group in praise and worship. Doug and Rita Roberts and Amy Reems taught about hearing the voice of the Lord and ministered to the people. It was a great time of renewal!

Video Ministry: Faith-based programming is being produced as videos by Fred and Sherry. These videos are being distributed in selected countries around the globe. People are eager to hear anointed teaching and the prophetic voice. Several of these videos have been featured on various international sites.

Strategic Intercession: Fred and Sherry travel to various cities and strategic sites to intercede for the area, bringing redemption and revival. A news blog on these activities records a few recent efforts (http://fountain-gate-news.blogspot.com/).

Prayer and Financial Support for Our Ministry

Your continued prayer support, involvement and/or financial help are vital to accomplishing what God has called us to do this year. If you would like to contribute to the work of the kingdom through this ministry, please send your contributions to: Fountain of Life Ministries, PO Box 6006, Athens, GA 30604 USA. All contributions are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mount Yonah in Northeast Georgia

Mount Yonah is a granite monolith located in the Chattahoochee National Forest between Cleveland and Helen in northeastern Georgia. Climbing occurs on the granite brow on the south west side of the mountain. US Army Rangers occasionally train on the mountain.

The top of the cliffs was used as a ceremonial site by Native Americans. It represents a spiritual and sacred power point to the Native Americans. The mountain has several hidden springs which may be power points. There is a Native American legend about young lovers who jumped off the cliff rather than to be separated.

Fred White hiked Mount Yonah with Justin Greene in March 2012. We are interceeding for the area.

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