Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The OUTPOURING Newsletter - Summer 2012

Fred and Sherry White carry revival fires wherever they go. The Lord is sending them to several nations to ignite revival. Highlights of recent activities and plans for future events are described here for their Fountain of Life Ministries.

Prophetic Word for this Season

Jesus' return is near.
Run with the Chariots: I am putting you on alert this day. The forces of evil are gathering together. The fight I have called you to is not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers of evil. Make sure that you are fit and cannot only run with the horses but with the chariots of fire. Shout to the Lord all you people and praise the Most High for being the victors. The weapons of your warfare are not of this world, and you must ascend to the throne to receive the strength that will enable you to mount up and not be weary but to defeat your foes.  Continue reading Run with the Chariots.

Ministry Update

Highlights for a few of Fountain of Lfe Ministries' recent activities are reported below.

Empowerment for Women: Being empowered by the Lord is necessary to fulfill destiny and purpose. In Sherry's program for women four areas are covered to help uncover potential. Cleansing the heart and being humble before God, letting him impart vision and passion, believing, and receiving the Holy Spirit power will help a person be victorious. Then no weapon of the enemy will prosper.

Youth Development: Fountain of Life Ministries’ youth program, which is called S.W.A.T. (Soldiers with All Truth), helps develop young leaders for victorious living and ministry in future generations. Janie Wilson baptized several youth who had been saved in a youth meeting in Union Point. An outreach program at a pool party was held at Toccoa, GA. Worship was led by the Cannon boys. Their ministry was well received. The youth were ministered to by Cindy Boatwright and Sherry. A brief video of the event is shown below.

Understanding the Prophetic: God’s voice goes before his army. This infographic describes the importance of the prophetic voice in a nutshell. It was first posted on Sherry’s Facebook site, PropheticTrumpet. Many people shared the photo, because they agreed that its importance for God’s people to hear his prophetic voice.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the prophetic gift. Fred and Sherry wrote a blog post to explain the prophetic voice, so people can understand that it is very important to receive God’s prophetic gift. For more information and details about the inforgraphic, continue reading about the prophetic gift.

Prison and Jail Ministries: Several ministers from Fountain of Life Ministries regularly minister in jails and prisons. Many men and women accept Jesus as Savior in the jail services. Also, many are delivered and healed. Foundation principles are addressed with the men in prison. Many of these men have been saved, delivered and healed. 

Video Ministry: Faith-based programming is being produced as videos by Fred and Sherry. These videos are being distributed in selected countries around the globe. People are eager to hear anointed teaching and the prophetic voice. Several of these videos have been featured on various international sites.

Upcoming Events

Ministry in Spain and the Canary Islands: Fred and Sherry are scheduled to minister in Spain and the Canary Islands off of the coast of Africa from October 8-18, 2012. Your prayer and financial support for this trip will be critical.

Ministry in Honduras: Fred and Sherry are scheduled to minister on the Island of Roatan and on the mainland in Honduras November 8-12.

Schedule of Activities: You can keep up with Fred and Sherry’s schedule on the web (

Prayer and Support for Our Ministry

Your continued prayer support, involvement and/or financial help are vital to accomplishing what God has called us to do this year. If you would like to contribute to the work of the kingdom through this ministry, please send your contributions to: Fountain of Life Ministries, PO Box 6006, Athens, GA 30604 USA. All contributions are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.