Thursday, October 25, 2012

The OUTPOURING Newsletter - Fall 2012

The Lord is sending Fred and Sherry to several nations to ignite revival fires. As they minister in any one nation the doors to other nations are opening. Highlights of recent activities and plans for future events are described here for their Fountain of Life Ministries.

Prophetic Word for this Season

Lady Wisdom in
Armor of Light
Armor of Light: Gross darkness shall cover the earth, but those who sit in darkness will see a great light. They shall rejoice in their God who has no darkness and does not turn. Awake, awake, you who sleep and put on your armor of light. Shine in the world so that those who are lost will see the way and follow on to know the Lord. Shake yourself from the mundane and put on the supernatural. Cry out for the voice of the bridegroom. He comes with his army ready to avenge the oppressed and establish the good.

(Lady Wisdom is a creation of Fred and Sherry White. Several of her images are posted on

Ministry Update

Highlights for a few of Fred and Sherry’s recent activities are reported below.

Ministry in Spain: Fred and Sherry saw the mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit in Madrid and the Canary Islands. The ministry team, which was made up of ministers from Mexico, United States and Sweden, flowed together to bring the word of God. The prophetic voice was heard and received by the people. God’s kingdom was manifested with miracles, salvations and deliverances. There was hunger and thirst for the move of God in the hearts of the people, and God did not disappoint them. Praise his holy name.  

Sherry White in Revival

Revival Fires in House of Refuge: Sherry ministered on Building the Kingdom in the House of Refuge. God’s Spirit poured on the people in Jefferson, GA in revival. The Spirit Revolution has started there, and those who received have been stirred up to bring forth the kingdom of God.

Upcoming Events

Sherry is returning to Honduras
to minister in revival.
Ministry in Honduras: Sherry is scheduled to minister in Honduras on the Island of Roatan and on the mainland in Le Ceiba from November 9-19, 2012. She will be spreading revival fires in both of these places. Your prayer and financial support for this trip will be critical.

Schedule of Activities: You can keep up with Fred and Sherry’s monthly schedule on the web ( under the News tab.The latest news may be above it on the News page, so scroll down to find the schedule.

Prayer and Support for Our Ministry

Having recently returned forjm Spain and now preparing to go to Honduras, we know that your continued prayer support, involvement and/or financial help are vital to accomplishing what God has called us to do this year. If you would like to contribute to the work of the kingdom through this ministry, please send your contributions to: Fountain of Life Ministries, PO Box 6006, Athens, GA 30604 USA. All contributions are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ministry in Madrid and the Canary Islands

Fred and Sherry White ministered to the Churches in Madrid and the Canary Islands, along with a team of ministers from Mexico, Sweden and the United States. The power of the Holy Spirit was manifested with many miraculous signs, healings and deliverances. All glory belongs to the Lord, Jesus Christ.
It is always great to meet other members of the family of God in different parts of the world. We are united with one Lord and one faith. Several photos of our preaching and ministering to the people are presented in this brief slide show, and a few are shown below.

Fred and Sherry White
on La Palma Island
Fred White preaching
with Roger Euceda
Sherry White ministering
to Pastor Pepe
Fred and Sherry White
on Gran Canary Isaland

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Monday, October 22, 2012


Madrid, the capital of Spain, has a population of 6.5 million in its metropolitan area. The city possesses a modern infrastructure but has preserved many of its historic neighborhoods. Its landmarks include the Royal Palace of Madrid; the Teatro Real (Royal theatre); the Buen Retiro Park, founded in 1631; and the Golden Triangle of Art, comprising three art museums. The Cibeles Palace and Fountain have become the monument symbol of the city. This slide show contains pictures of several prominent attractions in Madrid, as well as personal photos of Fred and Sherry White visiting some of these attractions.

Sherry and I ministered for three days in Madrid before going to the Canary Islands. The people were warm, loving and hungry for the things of God. During our time in the city, we passed several of its major attractions. This brief slide show presents some of the things we saw. We hope to spend more time in Spain in the future.


Cades Cove

Cades Cove in Tennessee