Sunday, November 29, 2015

2016 Prayer Requests for Fred and Sherry White

Prayer is the backbone for everything done in God’s kingdom. Without prayer even the best planned ministry activities would fail. There are several areas of ministry in which we need prayer for the coming year.

Students and Instructors in Ministry School
International Intensive School of Ministry: One area for prayer is the ministry schools in which we equip and train foreign ministers to send them to the nations. All of the students are called of God for ministry, and some of them are already in full-time ministry. There will be several of these schools in 2016. The first one in which we will be teaching is planned in Oaxaca, Mexico near the seaport of Veracruz in March. Pray that the kingdom be established in the hearts of the students and revival fires for the nations be ignited. Pray that the students carry the revival fires to the nations.

Sherry Ministering in Honduras
Ministry in Honduras Conference and Churches: Other ministry will in Honduras, Central America. We have been asked to come and minister at a women’s conference and at different churches in Roatán and La Ceiba in April. We have been ministering in Honduras for over 20 years, and our relationships with these people are precious to us. Pray for revival, healing and miracles.

Prisoners in Bible Study
Jails and Prisons: We would also like prayer for our ministries in jails and prisons. We minister regularly in jails and prisons in northeast Georgia. Pray that the gospel of the kingdom will go forth as revival fires and as a beacon of hope, salvation and deliverance in these institutions. Pray also that these revival fires will be carried by the inmates as they are freed and return to their communities.

In addition to these activities listed above, we minister to individuals, families and groups in Georgia and other states. Prayer support is absolutely necessary and greatly appreciated.

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