Sunday, July 24, 2016

Find Your Sound

The world was created with sound¾the sound of words spoken by the Lord. The sounds of the Lord are still in harmony with his creation. “His voice was like the sound of many waters; and the earth shone with his glory” (Ezekiel 43:2). The sound of the world’s music is harsh and contrary to creation. Regrettably, the sound of the world’s music has crept into the churches. There it stirs emotions without touching the spirit of man. What sound do you hear? Are you hearing the sound of heaven or the sound of the world? This post contrasts a gentle, harmonious sound (A=432 Hz) with the harsh, worldly sound (A=440 Hz).

Introduction to Sound

Sound is carried by energy moving forward and in an up and down motion like the vibration of a guitar string. Frequency is the number of up and down motions per second. Through the 1930's each nation determined its own standard frequency. Immediately before World War II, the Germans hosted an international conference to establish a worldwide standard on the frequency to tune instruments. The standard proposed by the Germans and adopted by the international conference was to tune instruments on a frequency of A=440 Hz. The Germans preferred this frequency, because it is a marching tone. It is a harsh tone that stirs people up emotionally.

Virtually all music is tuned at A=440 Hz. Songs on mass media, including radio, television and movies are generally recorded and played at A=440 Hz. Both Blues Rock and Metallic Rock developed and became widely popular in the 1960's and 1970's, as an early mark of the international standard. Lyrics in these genres are expressive, explicit and emotional. This music influenced daily life, fashion, attitudes and language. Some prefer this type of music and think its influence is positive, but many others disagree. Every form of contemporary music is played at this international standard. Most people prefer music in one genre or another, without ever realizing that the frequency is the same across all genres. Selecting among genres with only one frequency keeps people inside the box, but the true out-of-the-box issue relates to choosing the appropriate frequency. Consider which frequency is best for you.

Comparison of Two Frequencies

There is widespread interest in several frequencies other than the international standard, especially A=432 Hz. Some instruments from ancient times and from diverse primitive cultures were tuned at A=432 Hz. There are several experiments on frequencies available on YouTube. An interesting experiment shows how salt on a metal plate is impacted by different tones. The tone A=432 Hz creates beautiful patterns with the salt. These patterns begin to deteriorate when the tone A=440 Hz is sounded for only a few seconds. The impact of 440 Hz is chaotic, but the impact of 432 Hz is orderly.

John Stuart Reid showed the shape created by 432 Hz with cymatics. Cymatics is the science of making sound visible by vibrating water or other types of particles. The visualization of 432 Hz is the same as the shape in the center of a tri Vescia Pisces, as shown in the diagram below. This visualization is explained in relationship to fundamental geometric shapes, which are embraced by mathematics, culture and religion.
1. Vescia Pisces is a fundamental shape used to define the mathematical term pi and many other shapes such as the Star of David and the seal of Solomon. This shape symbolizes heaven's invasion of earth and creation of light.
2. Tri Vescia Pisces adds a third circle to the Vescia Pisces and symbolizes the trinity of the godhead.
3. The 432 Hz sound is visualized in cymatics as being the same as the area overlapped by all three circles in the tri Vescia Pisces, indicating a harmonious sound in all repects.


Impact of Different Frequencies on Health

The results of a small scientific study show improvements in health from listening to 432 Hz music for about an hour and a half each day for seven days. The study found improvements in several areas of health, including inflammatory and stress levels.

On a personal note, I began listening to 432 Hz worship music for an hour and a half each day. Within seven days, all pain in my joints was gone. I had suffered from inflammation and pain in my wrists, hands and knees for several years. My blood pressure had been high for over a year, but within seven days of listening to the 432 Hz worship music, my blood pressure became normal. I have also experienced other improvements in my health, including improved sleep patterns. Now, I am able to sleep deeply all night. I continue to listen to the 432 Hz worship music, and I continue to be pain free have normal blood pressure.

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